I'm a curious product designer inspired to solve complex problems through designing engaging human-centric digital experiences.
Hey there! I'm Aarthi Padmanabhan, a Senior Product Designer at Du, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the past, I had the pleasure of working as a graphic designer for healthcare startups, which laid the foundation for my UI/UX journey. I have a background in Visual Communication Design, Animation & VFX (Modelling, Lighting, Texturing), all of which increased my curiosity about exploring and using design as an analytical and creative outlet.  My key area of expertise is UX Research, UI Design, Branding, and Interaction Design.

My approach to developing a design strategy is by finding a balance between design that is action-oriented, user-centered, aesthetically appealing, and solution-focused towards the desired expectation. There are so many paths to take when solving a problem, and the ambiguity of the design process pushes me to discover and create. I derive inspiration from my surroundings to stay motivated to design digital products that are relatable and influence interaction.

I'm on the lookout for a full-time opportunity in UI/UX/Product Design. I'm always available for freelance work if the right project comes along! Get in touch with me.

Product Design                                 Research                                   Design                              Tools
Mobile Design (iOS, Android)                 Ethnographic Study                       User Flows                             Sketch
Responsive Web Design                          Competitor Analysis                       Wireframing                          Adobe Photoshop
User Experience Design                          Journey Mapping                            Rapid Prototyping                 Adobe Illustrator
Strategic Design                                       Heuristic Evaluation                       UI Design                                Invision + Marvel
Interaction Design                                   Personas & Scenarios                     Brand Identity                        Pen & Paper
INTERESTS                                           PUBLICATIONS
Sketching & Painting                               → Here’s what you need to know about Icons as an UX designer
Alternate Music                                       → Understanding the art and science of Information Architecture
LOTR Trilogy                                             Reflection Point : My thoughts on what makes a good product design
Trying to win HQ                                     → Reflection point: Heuristic Evaluation - Township
Fiction & Fantasy Novels                     → Reflection point: Assumptions and failure - Blackberry
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Behance                                                  aarthi.design@gmail.com
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